Delivery of goods you use the most - with no waste.

For caring people, like you. 

"I believe we need less stuff and more meaning in our lives. I became curious about the zero-waste movement, quickly realizing it is not easy or accessible in our day-to-day reality. The goal of Sol is to help us bridge the gap between our current habits and the new ones we aspire to embrace." -Sydney, Founder

Why Sol?

+ When the sun rises, it rises for everyone (can we do that?)
+ The sun always shines, without us asking it to (how inspiring!) 
+ Sydney's mom used to call her "sunshine" (embarrassing to admit.)
+ A play on the word "soul" (well, just because.) 
+ A nod to the Sunrise Movement - the inspiring youth-led revolution to reduce climate change and reimagine America for the health and wellbeing of all people.                                                                                           

Why low waste instead of zero-waste? 

Zero-waste: A lifestyle where people strive to use no single-use plastic and ultimately send zero trash to the landfill. You may have seen pictures of a year's worth of waste in a single mason jar. It's inspiring! And the people that accomplish this are truly something else! What we've learned is zero-waste is not the easiest to achieve in our busy day-to-day routines. The term "zero" seems to minimize the efforts we are taking if we happen to produce some waste.

For this reason, we believe in a #lowwastelifestyle.

Low waste, instead of zero-waste, is a space where you can start. A space where you can learn, make mistakes, and still show up to create new, sustainable habits. Join us!