The CBS Sunday Morning Show

The voices of the CBS Sunday Morning Show felt like family friends, their familiar voices a part of my family's weekend routine. 

I can still hear the trumpet of the opening song. I remember the excitement around what sun artwork they'd share between segments. Was that the beginning of my love of the sun? Is that where "Sol" was really born? 

The CBS Morning Show allowed music, art, human stories, and nature to have their time on television. 

In 1979, when programming was filled with just politics and (mostly bad) news, Charles Kurault knew we needed something different. Something healing. 

And these things are needed now. 

I believe more stories, art, and deep remembrance of our humanity are necessary in the spaces of sustainability and climate awareness. 

Moving forward, this newsletter will be more inspiration - sharing art, books, other helpers, cool things, places, and maybe even some sun art.

And it will likely be on most Sunday mornings, like the CBS Sunday Morning Show.  

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