For the Caring

I pretended not to care about many things over the years. Why? I'm not sure. To look cool, to fit in. To try and be a part of a society that I never really understood.

The truth is I have always cared!

I've cared about nature. I've cared about people.

I've cared about the planet (When I was about five years old, a truck driver threw garbage out of his window at a red light, and I screamed LITTERBUG!!)

I've cared about what products I use because I'm SO SENSITIVE to ingredients. I’ve cared about what I eat. I've cared about quality, design and art.

I've cared deeply about what community can feel like when people are genuine and show up fully.

And for those who've asked, that's where @solrefill was born. Someone "very important" once told me individual actions don't matter when it comes to climate. I respectfully disagree. Making more sustainable decisions in our day-to-day can be a gateway. If individuals don't care, how will anything ever change?

I want it to be cool to care.

To give a damn. To be aware – that our actions can create ripples in ourselves and out into our communities.

That's why Sol Refill is for caring people, like me. Like you.
Lawrenceville Farmers Market - Sydney at Sol Refill

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